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Maras, Moray and Salt Mines

  • Moray

  • Salineras de Maras


The Tour begins at 9 am, while the traveling we will see the beautiful eastern chain of the Andes crowned Salkantay Mointain , which has an altitude of 20574 feeds and other snow that we will observe is VERONICA 18641 feeds  and CHICÓN with 17716 feeds. then we will arrive to the village of Maras known by the people like front´s village , because there you can observe exquisite fronts colonial style carving in stone, this town in colonial times was a great trade, being step forced by caravans coming from jungle with products such as coffee, cocoa and others.

To 11482 feed is MORAY are concentric terraces that according to archaeological studies served as a great laboratory for adapting plants from warm climates to higher altitude climate, you can observe three sets of gigantic platforms like an amphitheaters, the enigmatic about this place is the presence of number seven in the buildings, we will learn why and its influence on agriculture.

Then we will visit the salt mines known as Open salt mines, more than three thousand open mines salt, which are extracted mainly in the dry season from May to September

Finally we should return to the city of Cusco at approximately 3.00 p.m.

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