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Ancestral Magic Sesion Sunrise Ceremony

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  • sesion-magico-ancestral

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  • sesion-magico-ancestral


This ancestral magic session is entirely free of charge and voluntary. It starts at 4:30 a.m. on the summer solstice and 5:20 am at the winter solstice, when a Spiritual Guide will meet you at your hotel and take you to the mysterious oval stones (muyuc rumi in the Inca language) where we will sit in one of many seats facing the sunrise. The session will begin with chants accompanied by ancestral musical instruments such as the Quena. After the chanting session, which lasts approx. 40 minutes1dio de 1 40 minutos

The Spiritual Guide (Huillca Uma2) will connect the guest with the Universe (Wiracocha3) in order to manifest his or her wish and petition (for example, purification of the aura or helping to improve health or guidance for couples). All manifestations are performed with the use of white flowers and olive oil as the symbol of purity and of the pact between the guest and the Universal Power (Wiracocha3). After experiencing the connection with the Universe you will be asked to take your place in the centre of the oval stones area looking towards the sunrise, in order to feel and receive the natural forces which govern the Universe. It is worth pointing out that each of the stones corresponds to male or female.

After the spiritual experience of receiving the first rays of the rising sun, we will continue with an explanation of the significance of the colours of the rainbow (Q´uichi in the Inca language) and each guest will hear which colour corresponds to them and what it will mean for their lives in the future. Following this we will give thanks to the Universe for our experience. The guests will receive a book with the explanation of the meaning of the rainbow and the natural laws which govern the entire Universe.

We will continue our tour with a visit to the mysterious Temple of the Moon where ancient stone carvings can be seen – they show an ancient prophecy which is being fulfilled in our times. We will see the astral window and the place of burnt offerings. After this, we will visit the tunnel of snakes and pumas and then we will walk along the ancient Inca trail (Q´apaq Ñan) which led to Quito in Ecuador. Finally, we will drive you back to your hotel.

Note: In order to participate in this spiritual session you will be given a short explanation on the preceding evening.



  • Spiritual Guides(Huillca Uma)
  • Items for the ritual

Not included:

  • Transportation (return)

1. Forty is the number which in the Inca culture represents purity or good health as in the Tambomachay baths where the number 40 is  found. This is the symbol of the 40 pilgrimage routes which started in Koricancha (SEQUES). Nowadays, it is also used in medical terminology as in the expression of quarantine.
2. Huillca Uma – a person able to mediate between the Earth and the Universe.
3. Wiracocha is the Supreme Being present in many South American cultures such as Tiahuanaco, Chavin , Paracas and Inka, who represents the Universe. The name translated literally means: the Supreme Invisible Being, Creator of all things.

Cultura Chavin 1500 años A. C.

Chavin culture 1500 años B. C.


Tiahuanaco culture 100 years. B.C.


Wiracocha face, Ollantaytambo Inca fortress 100 years A.C.

Special Thanks to our friends and brothers Mat and Cordi for their photos

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