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Cultural Tourism – Agritourism – Andean Magic Spiritual Session

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  • turismo-vivencial-amaru

  • turismo-vivencial-amaru

  • turismo-vivencial-amaru



We will meet you at the hotel at 8:30 am to take you to the Sacred Valley of the Incas where we will visit an Inca community of Amaru (snake). The members of the community will greet us with music played on traditional instruments, such as: Quenas, Tinyas and the Pututo, which has been used for a thousand years and which is made from a marine snail shell. You will be welcomed by the leader of the community (Chunca Camayoc).

We will see agricultural products such as different types of potatoes, corn and others. We will also go out into the countryside to learn about some of the medicinal plants used in traditional medicine. After collecting the plants we will visit a Healing House (hanpina wasi) where we will see a demonstration of certain combinations of plants used to cure illnesses and the most frequent injuries of agricultural work.

After this presentation of traditional medicine we will visit a small agricultural plot where you will see the use of ancestral Inca tools, such as: chaquitaclla, Cutic and Quituchi. After this we will go to the dining house (mijuna wasi) where you can sample typical local dishes prepared from natural and entirely organic products (buffet or à la carte).

We will continue the tour with a visit to a wool dying workshop where only organic products are used, based on plants, minerals and clays. Finally, we will visit a handicraft workshop, where we will see how textiles are produced, and the production centre where you will be able to support the community by purchasing inexpensive handicraft products made by local women and children.

Later, we will hold a spiritual ceremony (optional participation) in which the whole community will take part.. During the ceremony, one of the Huillca Umas will connect the guest with the Universe (Wiracocha3) in order to manifest his or her wish and petition (for example, purification of the aura, helping to improve health or guidance for couples). All manifestations are performed with the use of white flowers and olive oil as the symbol of purity and of the pact between the guests and the Universal Power (Wiracocha3).. At the end of the ceremony you will hear an explanation of the significance of the colours of the rainbow (Q´uichi in the Inca language) and each guest will hear which colour corresponds to them and what it will mean for their lives in the future. Following this we will give thanks to the Universe for our experience. The guests will receive a book with the explanation of the meaning of the rainbow the and natural laws which govern the whole Universe.Then, all the community will bid the guests farewell with singing and playing of ancestral Andean music. Finally, we will drive you back to your hotel.in Cusco ..

Wiracocha: Principal Andean God, whose meaning is; Creator of all things, cosmic force that governs all nature

Note: The spiritual session is entirely free of charge and optional.



  • Transportation (return)
  • Bilingual professional guide
  • Lunch
  • Spiritual guides
  • Spiritual session

  Not included:

  • Extra drinks 

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