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Terms and Conditions

Scope of our service

  • When a reservation is generated, you will immediately receive an automatic notification indicating the status of your reservation within the next 48 hours. In that period of time we will be sending an e-mail to the registered address confirming, rejecting or offering an alternative to the reservation.
  • Passengers are responsible for correctly providing their e-mail and contact telephone numbers, if for any reason the passengers do not receive the confirmation e-mail within the established deadline, they should contact the staff of our Cusco Navel of the World Agency.

Prices of Programs and Services:

  • All rates are expressed in US dollars and include all taxes and fees applicable to foreign tourists and Peruvians not resident in Peru.
  • All air and ground transportation rates are subject to changes and availability of space to be confirmed on the day the reservation is made. This available rate will be sent via e-mail by our staff in charge of reservations.

Reservations, Payments and Deposits

  • Reservations will be processed at least 15 days in advance of the start date of the required tourist services. Otherwise, Cusco Navel of the World reserves the right to reject the reservation request.
  • To confirm the reservation, we must have received your payment for the services or the guarantee deposit for an amount of 75% of the total cost of the package contracted.
  • Warranty payments or deposits must be made through our online system of credit card payments, paypal deposits, western union, moneygram or interbank deposits with the commissions indicated at the time of making your reservation.
  • The reservation will be confirmed when our system informs you through an e-mail confirmation of your reservation with its corresponding code.
  • Our system acts as an intermediary between tourist services companies and passengers for the reservation process and the payment of services. To facilitate the process of booking tourist services we have commercial agreements with various companies who manage their own reservation and payment systems such as hotels, tour operators, airlines, trains and buses through Cusco Navel of the World.

Reservations of Tour Packages / Tours:

  • All trips, tours or services requested that are confirmed, are insured and guaranteed.
  • The confirmation of the reservation requested, will be informed through an e-mail indicating the reservation code of each requested travel program.
  • The confirmation of the services will proceed after having received your reservation request online, or having received a payment deposit for the contracted tours.
  • The total payment for the packages / tours must be made 01 day before the date indicated as the start of the travel program.
  • The passenger will be contacted by the Tourist Operator in the place indicated in the itinerary of the program or tour, and after identifying yourself with your passport or identity document and mentioning the reservation confirmation code, it will be enough for the beginning of the provision of the travel services.
  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to indicate the details of their arrival and departure with due anticipation.
  • In case the passenger requires pick-up from a specific place, different from the one published in the program-itinerary, he must coordinate it in advance with Cusco Navel of the World ravel Agency.
  • Unused portions of the package / tour, by decision of the passenger, will not be refundable once the package / tour is underway.


  • For any cancellation, by the passenger, before 60 days of the start date of the tour will be penalized with US $ 20 administrative expenses (per passenger) plus the penalties incurred in case of penalties by third parties for example hotels, trains , airplanes and operating agencies.
  • For any cancellation, by the passenger, between 59 and 15 days of the start date of the tour will be penalized with 50% of the value of the program, plus US $ 25 of administrative expenses.
  • For any cancellation, by the passenger, with 14 days or less in advance of the start date of the tour will be penalized with 100% of the value of the program.
  • Note: The reservation of the programs for the Inca Trail  are not refundable in any case

Liability and Obligation

  • The obligation for services not provided due to the negligence of Cusco Navel of the World or our staff, will be limited to the actual cost of the services omitted and excludes all consequences or indirect costs resulting.
  • In such case eventual Cusco Navel of the World will do its best to provide alternative arrangements of equal value, subject to availability.
  • Cusco Navel of the World acts as an intermediary between tourist services companies and passengers for the reservation process and the payment of services.
  • In case the service company stops operating for internal work reasons, force majeure or other reasons of God, or in case the company providing the service is declared in economic insolvency, with the formalities required by the corresponding Peruvian legislation, the reimbursement of the Service not rendered shall be carried out, within the aforementioned procedures and within the periods established by the Peruvian authorities, for each specific case.
  • Cusco Navel of the World, by publishing these tourist services, travel programs, tours, air tickets, etc., is responsible for requiring the contracted service company to provide the services and accommodations offered to passengers, as they are declared in the itinerary of the program and published on our web site.
  • The passengers accept that Cusco Navel of the World has no responsibility for the non-provision of the services offered in case of adverse weather conditions or natural disasters that can not be foreseen. Likewise, it recognizes that there will be no responsibility, in case of political movements, accidents, strikes or any other public act outside the control of Cusco Navel of the World, that could not be foreseen. In these cases, the value of the contracted service will not be refundable.
  • Travel Programs – Tours: In case the means of transport (plane, train, bus) chosen by the passenger does not arrive at the scheduled date and time to the destination, where the travel program or tour booked by the passenger begins, this recognizes that neither Cusco Navel of the World, nor the Tour Operator, have responsibility for not providing the reserved services. The Tour Operator will only provide the service from the portion that corresponds from when the passenger arrives. The portion of the program not made is not refundable.
  • The passenger accepts that Cusco Navel of the World as an intermediary of tourist services companies, has no obligation or responsibility, for the loss, damage or injury sustained in relation to the services and accommodations provided by the railways, bus operators, companies of local tourism, tour operators, ship companies, airlines, hotels and accommodation facilities. All these services operate under the laws of the country, subject to the regulations that the relevant Peruvian authorities.
  • The Tour Operator reserves the right to alter the itinerary of any package / tour program.
  • Cusco Navel of the World will provide the passenger with all the e-tickets and / or confirmation of reservations through the passenger’s e-mail entered in the reservation form.
  • The services provided through this system are intangible therefore if passengers for whatever reason do not take the services on the scheduled date and time will assume responsibility for the total expenses of these

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