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Mystical Tour Temple of the Moon Amarumarkawasi Cusco

  • Mystical Tour Temple of the Moon Amarumarkawasi Cusco

  • Laqo

  • Kusillochayoq

  • Waykis

  • Tour-Místico-Templo-de-la-Luna-Amarumarkawasi-Cusco

  • Tianas

  • Sunrise

  • Arcoiris

  • Amarumarkawasi

  • Amaru


To perform the Mystical Tour Temple of the Moon Amarumarkawasi Cusco, it is necessary a previous briefinga day before the tour to explain the requirements and thus enjoy the mystical experience in a better way.

Our Official Tourist Guide specialized in Mystical Tourism pick up you from your hotel, and then take a ride to LAQO. Here you will find mysterious round carved stones (muyuc rumi, in the Inca language) that are almost aligned with the peak of the mountain called Apu Machupicol.

This part of the tour will be accompanied by ancestral musical instruments such as the Qena and the Phututu.

Then the Guide of the Mystical Tour Temple of the Moon Amarumarkawasi Cusco will make the spiritual manifestation according to the desire and request of the guest. After all the mystical experience, you will be invited to position yourself in the middle of the circular stones to receive and feel the natural forces that govern the universe.

Then we continue with the explanation of the seven colors of the rainbow and explain what it will represent in their lives. Then the tour will continue to visit an ancient reservoir of construction water from the Inca period, possibly for ritual use or for the collection of water for human consumption.

Then we will ascend to the top of the Huaca Inca called Temple of the Moon or Amarumarkawasi where you can see a window carved in the rock where shadows occur. We will also observe ancient stone carvings representing hawks, pumas and snakes.

Then we went to an old Inka royal road (Q’apaq Ñan in the Quechua language), which had as its point of arrival the distant kingdom of Quito, the current country of Ecuador.

On the way you will finely observe a Huaca known as Kusilluchayoq, where animals from the Amazon are carved.

Inside the Huaca there is a seat carved in stone (Tianaq in the Quechua language), that by its design; locate and position the body and arms and thus reach a state of relaxation, quiet and peace.

Finally we will go to our starting point to take our mobility that will take us to the city of Cusco.

We are sure that at the end of the Mystical Tour Temple of the Moon Amarumarkawasi Cusco will be an experience that will be recorded in your mind and in your heart.


  • Transport
  • Official Tour Guide specialized in Mystical Tourism
  • All the accessories for the Andean ceremony

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